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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quick Tutorial: Mat your Prints or Photographs

You can create professional mat frames for your prints or photographs. They make great gifts!

What you need:
Mat borders cut to size (any picture framer can cut these for you)
Backing Foam Board cut to size
Double sided tape

Backing Foam Board and Mat Frames to fit 10" x 13" Prints

Place your backing foam board on a flat table surface. Stick your print with double sided tape evenly in the centre of the foam board. To help make sure it is placed straight, you can pencil an outline around the print before sticking down.

Place double sided tape on the outside edges of the back of your mat board frame. Stick down firmly over your print so the mat border creates a nice frame around your print.

Mat Board fitted around my 10" x 13" Art Print
Finished Result - Mat Board Art Prints wrapped with Cellophane

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wild Design

My gorgeous younger sister finished her Graphic Design degree last year, and she is extremely talented.  She has always been an amazing illustrator and great at drawing. Her blog is I just wanted to share some of her fantastic work: by Harrie St George

'Music is my Freedom' by Harrie St George

Harrie's Business Card she designed

Harrie is moving to Melbourne, Australia in a month and will be looking for Graphic Design positions once she arrives :) Aren't these great!!