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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Growing Grass for my Cats

Ever since moving house about 5 weeks ago, I have been buying a few nice little house plants here and there to brighten up the living room and make it feel more natural. Both of my parents are huge about gardening and plants but I never got that gene. I mean I do love plants, but everything I try to grow or look after dies on me. So I found this cute little tray of cat grass to grow, which looks easy enough. Apparently cats love it and it is good for their digestion, so I will give it a try.

Soil goes into the tray and watered until moist

Seeds sprinkled on top, then cover over 3mm with more soil

All done, now just stays in a warm place and watered regularly. Easy!


  1. i do not hava a cat i am a proud dog owner but my friend D. who is a cat lover bought this product and his two cats loved it ..surelly recomended...

  2. Thanks for your recommendation :) Im sure mine will love it too. They are just starting to grow too yay!