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Monday, June 11, 2012

Tutorial: Make your own Photos or Art into Cards!

This is how I make my own Art Greeting Cards which I sell at markets and online via Etsy. Here's how you can have a go yourself!

What you need:
4" x 6" photographs
A4 Gloss or Matte Card Stock 250gsm
Spare piece of A4 Gloss or Matte Card Stock 250gsm
Fine Black Artline Pen
Stanley Knife
Ordinary Ruler
Flat Metal Ruler
HB Pencil
Double sided tape
Computer and Printer with Microsoft Word
Craft Cutting Board

Step 1(Optional): Using your craft cutting board trim your photographs down a little to a nice size, using a ruler and Stanley Knife to cut straight and steady.

Step 2: Make up a template via Microsoft Word. Close to the bottom of an A4 page insert a small logo or message for the back your card. Then print copies using your A4 Card Stock.

Step 3: With your spare piece of Card Stock, measure 10" x 7" and draw a rectangle. Cut this out using your Stanley Knife and ruler keeping it perfectly straight and even. Fold your template perfectly in half creating a 5" x 7"card size. This is your card template. Write the words "TEMPLATE" over it so you don't confuse it with your other Card Stock.

Step 4: Using your template, steadily draw around onto the inside of your Card Stock.

Step 5: Cut around these lines straight and steady using your ruler and Stanley Knife.

Step 6: Using your template, measure and mark halfway down the Card Stock to create your fold points.

Step 7: Place your flat metal ruler against the small marks and gently fold one side of the card over to meet the other, against the ruler.

Step 8: Stick your double sided tape on the back of your photographs covering all sides and corners.

Step 9: Gently place your photograph in the centre of the front of your card.

Step 10: Sign your beautiful card in the bottom right hand corner directly under your photograph using a fine Artline pen. Then write your message inside!!

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