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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Old Girl

My precious cat is getting old. It makes me really sad to know she doesn't have much time left, but I am so glad I have be able to give her the best life possible. I got her when she was 4 years old, in 2004 from New Zealand where I am originally from. When I moved over to Australia in 2006 she came with me, in her little cat carrier cage. She didn't like that too much!

Now she is 12 years old (nearly 13) which doesn't seem too old for a cat, but she is showing major signs of old age. I hope we still have many more months to spend together. I love her so much and hope she will always remember me when she passes and goes to Kitty Cat Heaven.

My gorgeous girl 'Kitty' today

Kitty in 2010, having a nap outside

Kitty in 2006, watching TV :)
I love you so much Kitty xoxoxo


  1. Hi Eleanor your KItty is lucky to have had you for a mum,shes beautiful

    1. Hi Bridget! Thank you so much xo yes, she is such a beautiful girl :)