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Friday, June 1, 2012

Blog Feature - Talie Bagley Art

To start this month off, I would like to welcome my Blog Feature Talie Bagley from Talie Bagley Art. Talie paints acrylic abstract and realism paintings, as well as making bow holders, painted wood letters, refurbishing furniture and other small decor. She has had her Etsy store for around 6 months, which you can check out here: And she has been actively blogging on her blog for the past year:

'Los Angeles Skyline' 16"x20"

Talie mentions "When I'm not painting, I'm spending time with my husband and two dogs, out taking photographs of whatever strikes my fancy, or geeking it out playing video games or messing around with different kinds of computer projects."

She lives her life by the motto - "Don't waste life trying to make a living. Live to make a life." I love this motto, and can strongly relate to it.

Acrylic Horse Abstract 20" x 24"

Talie also has some great advice for new artists trying to follow their dreams - "Don't ever ever ever compare yourself to another artist. You can use them as inspiration to grow your artistry, but never compare your work to theirs. You can't compare Michelangelo to Picasso. They are as different in their works as can be, yet they both created masterpieces. Your style is as unique as your fingerprints. Find yourself in your art and then share that part of you with the world." 

Amazing words and artworks Talie! Thank you!

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