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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hot Yoga

Over the past two years I have been religiously practicing yoga. I originally started to help my back pain which was caused from sitting in front of a computer all day. About two weeks ago I discovered Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga) and it is amazing! Hot or Bikram Yoga is a class of 26 yoga poses practiced in a heated room around 30 to 37 degrees.

My first week of classes was extremely difficult, the heat just seemed to drain all energy out of my body and was have never sweated so much! But slowly I am getting used to the humid heat, and after every class I have felt fantastic!

I am more energised, feel fitter, healthier and more flexible. The great thing about Hot Yoga is most classes are suitable for a range of skill levels from beginners to advanced, so anyone is capable of trying it. I hope yoga can do the same for you as it has for me! Namaste.


  1. I too love yoga. I have not tried hot yoga yet, I still have cheap classes through the University so I refuse to pay more.... Yoga is the best medicine. I started to help my migraines. Yoga and cinnamon (in a capsule) my migraines have gone from 5 or 6 a week to 3 or 4 a month...Love yoga! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I found you on the ETSY group about May blog posts...

    Felicia Follum

    1. Hi Felicia,

      I am glad yoga has helped you too and reduced your migraines. I understand about the cost, it can get expensive especially if you are going to a yoga studio. Since I have moved house, I am soon trying Bikram Yoga, can't wait :)