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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quick Tutorial: Mat your Prints or Photographs

You can create professional mat frames for your prints or photographs. They make great gifts!

What you need:
Mat borders cut to size (any picture framer can cut these for you)
Backing Foam Board cut to size
Double sided tape

Backing Foam Board and Mat Frames to fit 10" x 13" Prints

Place your backing foam board on a flat table surface. Stick your print with double sided tape evenly in the centre of the foam board. To help make sure it is placed straight, you can pencil an outline around the print before sticking down.

Place double sided tape on the outside edges of the back of your mat board frame. Stick down firmly over your print so the mat border creates a nice frame around your print.

Mat Board fitted around my 10" x 13" Art Print
Finished Result - Mat Board Art Prints wrapped with Cellophane

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wild Design

My gorgeous younger sister finished her Graphic Design degree last year, and she is extremely talented.  She has always been an amazing illustrator and great at drawing. Her blog is I just wanted to share some of her fantastic work: by Harrie St George

'Music is my Freedom' by Harrie St George

Harrie's Business Card she designed

Harrie is moving to Melbourne, Australia in a month and will be looking for Graphic Design positions once she arrives :) Aren't these great!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Knitted Designs

While doing my weekly market stall, I have the most lovely couple next to me who sell beautiful hand-knitted scarves and hats. The style and design looks modern and is cozy warm. I couldn't resist buying my two favourite which are picture below:

Their lovely stall is called 'Knitted Designs' and they are located at the Fortitude Valley markets every Saturday on Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley in Brisbane.

I just love my new hats!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lemon Birthday Cake

Yesterday I celebrated my 26th birthday, and my lovely fiancé baked me this delicious lemon drizzle cake with a lemon butter icing. The best cake I have tasted for a long time! He got the recipe from the popular New Zealand Edmonds Cookbook. Their recipes are fantastic!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blog Feature - Bax Cat & Co

I am a huge cat lover, so this week I am excited to be featuring the lovely Kelly from Bax Cat & Co. Kelly designs, sews and sells adorable little catnip toys and cat mats in her Etsy store which she opened in January this year.

In her spare time Kelly enjoys working on new ideas, going to art museums, hiking in the woods and hanging out with her husband and three cats.

Red Heart Catnip Toy

When creating Kelly looks up to designers who go for what they believe in, and whose aesthetic can be appreciated by others. Kate Spade in particular worked hard, learnt a lot along the way during the beginning of her career, and now reaches out to people through her designs.

Her cats are her role models too! "They work hard - at sleeping, they play hard and are always willing to learn about new things - they investigate everything!." Her cats also remind her daily to keep her sense of humor, simplicity, creativity, and to let this show through the items she makes.

Leopard Print Cat Bed

"Do or do not. There is no try." This motto said by Yoda, Kelly relates to most. Especially since opening Bax Cat & Co. For example, if she has an idea for a new cat toy or mat she will run with it; if it doesn't turn out how she wanted, at least she knows she has tried, and can work to fix it or move on to a new or altered design that will work better.

She also tells herself to "put one paw in front of the other".  Breaking down the process of running a shop into smaller pieces makes it much easier, instead of conquering everything all at once!

Cat Birthday Cupcake Toy

If you are just starting out your crafting online business, Kelly advice in her words: "As an Etsy seller, I was given three very important tips: be patient, list list list, and stay active!  I would tell this to a new seller on or off Etsy.

It is very easy to become impatient when waiting for sales as a new seller.  By staying patient, you can be more focused and work on other aspects of your shop.  I remind myself that watching grass grow will not make it grow faster, so I need to stop watching the grass grow and go plant some flowers in the meantime!  The grass will grow, and you will have a good chance of making sales if you keep working hard at every aspect of your shop.
Regularly listing items in your shop is important, too. Listing will give more visibility to your shop, and will get more people interested in your products.

Thanks Kelly! You product is so lovely, I know my cats would love them!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Growing Grass for my Cats

Ever since moving house about 5 weeks ago, I have been buying a few nice little house plants here and there to brighten up the living room and make it feel more natural. Both of my parents are huge about gardening and plants but I never got that gene. I mean I do love plants, but everything I try to grow or look after dies on me. So I found this cute little tray of cat grass to grow, which looks easy enough. Apparently cats love it and it is good for their digestion, so I will give it a try.

Soil goes into the tray and watered until moist

Seeds sprinkled on top, then cover over 3mm with more soil

All done, now just stays in a warm place and watered regularly. Easy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Old Girl

My precious cat is getting old. It makes me really sad to know she doesn't have much time left, but I am so glad I have be able to give her the best life possible. I got her when she was 4 years old, in 2004 from New Zealand where I am originally from. When I moved over to Australia in 2006 she came with me, in her little cat carrier cage. She didn't like that too much!

Now she is 12 years old (nearly 13) which doesn't seem too old for a cat, but she is showing major signs of old age. I hope we still have many more months to spend together. I love her so much and hope she will always remember me when she passes and goes to Kitty Cat Heaven.

My gorgeous girl 'Kitty' today

Kitty in 2010, having a nap outside

Kitty in 2006, watching TV :)
I love you so much Kitty xoxoxo